Business solution software

You can easily track customers for services and products as well as expenses associated with clients or projects.

Features and benefits

  • You will never miss any enquiries and also easy way to track status of each enquiries, work and payments
  • Manage Inventory, Manage Sales, Manage Customers, Manage Staff, Manage Suppliers, Manage Purchase, Manage Store Expenses
  • Allows you to create separate user accounts for your staff / Owners / Manager / Admin. You can easily manage account access levels so that your data stays safe, it has controlled edit / delete / menu visibility options and people only have access to what they need.
  • GST enabled
  • Easy backup in Excel format
  • Compatible for thermal printers
  • Classic UI – No deviation in the workplace
  • Project screenshot

Suitable for

Stockists, product sales and Service centers, fitness Centers, Health care centers

Why choose our product?

  • After care included – we maintain your app and keep it running smoothly
  • New features – we add new feature business requirements and customize any changes in the software application


Demo link (Clear visible only on desktop / laptop systems): , Admin login(full access): admin/admin, Staff login ( No access to supplier details): staff1/staff1